Modern Marketing

  • For Sale Sign

    Tried and true, the for sale sign is crucial to any home marketing plan.

  • Chicago Area MLS

    We input your home into the Chicago area multiple listing service (MLS) to put your home in front of buyers and agents in the greater Chicagoland area.


    Zillow is by far the largest real estate site and we make sure to give it the priority it deserves. As a premiere agent we are able to feature listings and capture more buyers for your home.


    While not as large as, we still focus on as well. We subscribe to the listing enhancement feature which allows us to upload higher resolution images, create headings and other advantages for your home.

  • 100s of Other Real Estate Sites

    We do not stop with the two most popular site but instead make sure your home is listed on as many sites as possible, with the current list well over 100.

  • 4k Resolution Photos of Your Home

    We produce stunning 4k HDR (High Definition Range) quality photos shot with a wide angle lens to show off the whole room and not just part of it. 2 cameras are used, one specialized for interior shots & one for exterior shots. Photo enhancements for blue sky, color correction and other minor edits are made as needed.

  • Professional Copy To Describe Your Home

    We hire a professional writer get the most out of the 1000 characters we have to describe your home. Our listings stand out and actually aim to sell potential buyers on the experience of your home, rather than list details that are available elsewhere on marketing materials. Each word is chosen carefully which often separates your home from the competition.

  • Matterport Virtual Walkthrough

    Think google street view, but walking through your home! Also has virtual reality capibilities

  • Floor Plan of Your Home

    Whether its to help a prospective buyer plan furniture placement or get a better idea of the layout, a floor plan is a great marketing tool for your home.

  • Virtual Tour of Your Home

    The high quality images we take get turned into a virtual tour with panning and zooming set to music.

  • Brochure box with fliers

    While an extremely simple tool, we make sure that anyone driving or walking by your home has the most updated information.

  • Curbside Text Marketing Sign

    We utilize a text marketing system that will respond to prospective buyers immediately with information about your home.

  • Social Media Advertising

    We do not just post home listings on social media, we pay to put these posts in front of prospective buyers. Not just Facebook but we also feature our listings on Twitter, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest.

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